How to Get Personal Training Clients

Becoming a personal trainer is, for many people, the realisation of a lifelong dream. It means that for the first time, they’ll be doing something that they love, making money and improving other people’s lives. Put simply, it’s a dream job, but it’s also a job that requires a lot of initiative in order to become sustainable.

We speak, of course, about acquiring clients.

Many young personal trainers believe that the sheer size of the fitness industry in 2017 should gift them more clients than they can handle. Now, we shouldn’t have to tell you that it doesn’t work like that, but it does open the door to another question; how do you land personal training clients?

Well, the answer is good, old fashioned marketing. Almost everything you do outside of your training should be marketing, and in many cases, the training will also function as marketing.

Here’s some top tips.

  • Use your existing networks

As a recently trained personal trainer, you’re going to need some clients to get off the ground. It’s at this stage when you should leverage your personal networks to find those first clients. There’s no shame in using friends and family as a jumping off point for your career, so hop on social media and get your name out there. You’ll find that there’s plenty of people in your networks looking for a personal trainer.

  • Make yourself available for free help

When you’re first making your name, it’s important that you seem approachable and helpful. That’s why we recommend spending time as a helpful voice within the gym. Spot somebody struggling with their form? Offer some free assistance and helpful advice. It won’t be a full session, but gaining the trust of amateur gym goers opens the door to a professional relationship down the line. It may feel like work for nothing, but it’s essential to lay these tracks.

  • Leverage social media platforms

Social media can, partly, lay claim to the current boom in the fitness industry. Aspirational Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have shown everybody that they can get into shape and stay there. As a personal trainer in 2017, it’s vital that you make proper use of these services. Share transformations, tips, advice and use them to alert people if you’ve got a spot available.

  • Pick a specialism

The best thing you can do for your career as a personal trainer is to pick a specialism and begin to build your client base around it. Picking this specialism doesn’t mean that you abandon your general training techniques, it simply means that you’ve augmented your skillset. It could be nutrition advice or a specific training style, but picking a niche and sticking to it will separate you from a tight pack. 

Lifetime Training offers a wide range of fitness courses whether you are just starting out or looking to develop your skills further.

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