Make good use of the Summer Holidays!

 But what should  you do with all this time off? We’ve got some ideas that are fun, but could also help you with your future too!

The word volunteering doesn’t sound very appealing, but as a recruitment company weknow the huge value volunteering can have on your CV. It can be the deciding factor for employers when choosing to hire you over someone else. It also shows you have made good use of your time off and that you are hardworking and committed.

Here are some of our favourite volunteering jobs!

If you’re wanting to work in the early years sector why not volunteer at a youth club, cub/scouts club?

This will give you skills of working creatively and with others.

Volunteering in a homeless shelter is not only an immensely rewarding experience, but it will also help you communicate with people in need. It is particularly good if you are looking to work in the care industry.

A summer club or social club is an ideal volunteering position if you are looking to pursue a career in fitness! Having to come up with new and fun fitness ideas and keep individuals motivated is a great skill to gain before you begin your fitness career!

So many places welcome volunteers with open arms, whether that’s in a pub or a care home. It’s definitely worth setting a week of your holiday aside to gain valuable skills and experience and put a bit back into the community at the same time.

To find volunteering opportunities in your area visit:

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