What are the Best Foods to Eat Before Training?

Nutrition is the name of the game for modern fitness, and there’s simply no way of getting around that. From morning to night (and even in your sleep!), in order to reach peak fitness, you’re expected to monitor and control your diet.

Whilst that’s obviously a little more than many involved in fitness bother with, it does go to show the extent to which nutrition has grown in stature over the last decade.

There’s one aspect of nutrition and diet that everybody obeys though – the pre-workout meal. Getting it right can be difficult though, with too much food leading to cramps and fatigue, whilst not enough potentially leading to light-headedness, fainting and sickness.

So, what should you be eating before a workout?

Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you should only snack before a workout, because of the aforementioned bloating and fatigue. Secondly, it’s important to avoid fatty or sugary foods, which will either sit in your stomach or cause a sugar rush (and subsequent crash). With that in mind, here’s our top pre-workout snack ideas:

  • Wholegrain bread: Wholegrain bread is not only a good source of carbohydrates, it’s also fantastic for combining with other foods. Add a little local honey or jam for some energy, or a boiled egg for that great protein boost. You could even augment it with chicken slices or a little turkey, if you’re feeling carnivorous.
  • Oats: Marketing fluff is usually just that – fluff. However, in the case of oats, what the adverts say really is true; they offer a steady stream of energy throughout your day. In regards to a workout, this means a consistent flow of energy throughout your shift in the gym. Oh, and just like the wholegrain bread, it’s extremely easy to combine with other fantastic pre-workout foods like…
  • Bananas: There’s been plenty of pixels spent on extolling bananas across fitness blogs, and whilst we’d love to offer a counterargument, we really can’t. Loaded with digestible carbohydrates for energy they keep you going, whilst the high potassium levels aid in maintain your muscle and nerve function. Easily combined with the other foods on this list, it makes for a versatile and vital pre-workout snack.
  • Protein smoothie: The virtues of protein hardly needs explaining, a fact borne out by just how popular protein shakes and smoothies have become for those interested in fitness. Nevertheless, they remain a tremendous snack around two hours before you head to the gym. Mix it with milk, banana and mixed berries for a delicious and fuel-filled snack.
  • Greek yoghurt & fruit: Fruit is naturally high in carbohydrates and Greek yoghurt is loaded with high-quality protein, helping you to keep your energy levels up alongside protecting against muscle damage that might be incurred during your workout.

If you want to learn more and are striving to become a personal trainer, book yourself onto one of our award-winning fitness courses!


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