How to design inspiring workout routines

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Starting a fitness regime – especially with a personal trainer – is pretty darn exciting. For the first few weeks, new clients are likely to be bouncing with energy and motivation. After the honeymoon period wears off, though, even the keenest gym bunnies are bound to grow bored of the same workout routines; day in, day out. So, what can we do to keep our clients excited about fitness?


What are they working towards?

Firstly, to keep a client motivated, it’s essential to remember why they came to you in the first place. Are they training for a marathon? Do they want to lose weight? If you can, it’s useful to find out if they have a more specific – and possibly emotional – reason for training with you. Is there a favourite dress they want to fit back into, for example? When you’re training, explain specifically how the exercises you’re completing will help them reach that goal.


Give them purpose

If your client doesn’t have a definable goal like this, help them find one! Creating a theme or purpose for training is a great way to give their workout routines meaning, and keeping your clients coming back for more. What matters is finding a goal that excites and motivates your client, so take time to talk to them about this. Are their competitions they can enter? Races they can sign up for? Other fitness challenges that they can tackle?


Set a deadline

Has your client got an event coming up, or a big holiday? Create a program leading up to that day – you could even give it a fun name! For example, if they’re hitting up the beach in two months to party with their friends, you could decide to call it the: ‘get ripped so you can look awesome on the beach’ program. Not only will it make your client smile, it’ll also remind them why they’re spending their time sweating it out at the gym every week.


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