6 things your client wants from their personal trainer

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As a personal trainer, your job is centred around getting your clients where they need to go on the fitness front. To support them on their journey, you’ll need to know what drives them and pumps them up, as well as what bores them and stresses them out. That’s why we’ve picked out the top ten things to think about when you’re designing your program:

1: Boost your credentials

Odds are, your clients will want to know where you trained, and what your qualifications allow you to specialise in. So, make sure you set yourself up for success on this front by researching which courses result in the mostly widely recognised, in-demand qualifications. Ensure you’re signing up to study with a trustworthy organisation.

2: Expand your experience

Practise makes perfect – this means that the longer you work as a personal trainer, the better you’re likely to get. Also, time spent working in the industry means you’ll have had time to develop an impressive catalogue of case studies which will, in turn, help you to win new business.

3: What kind of trainer are you?

When your clients describe you to their friends (who, by the way, could be possible future clients!) what do they say? Tough and no-nonsense, bubbly and chatty, motivating and upbeat? Different clients look for different traits in their personal trainer, so it’s worth being consistent to build a brand – and to attract clients that enjoy training in the style you enjoy teaching!

4: Consider the cost

Just as personality and experience can be ways of differentiating yourself as a trainer, so can your prices. Decide whether you want to opt for budget training and discount packages, or offer deluxe programs for wealthier clients.

5: Be in the centre of the action

Consider where to base yourself, according to where your clients are likely to be travelling from. If you’re based in a gym, choosing somewhere central or near groups of offices could be a good call. Or, if you live in a more rural environment, ensuring you’re able to travel to train with clients at their homes – or that they can easily travel to you – could be very useful.

6: Take note of progress

What’s the best way to keep clients motivated? Show them they’re making progress with you. Find ways to map your clients’ development through their training. Set benchmarks to beat in a range of exercises to measure strength and, if weight loss is important to them, make sure you have regular weigh-ins.

Whatever you decide, remember that nothing’s set in stone. Keep an eye on how your business is doing, and keep adapting your offering to keep yourself and your clients happy.

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