Beauty therapist tips for making hair removal a breeze

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As a beauty therapist, your job isn’t necessarily all glitz and glamour. Yep, you guessed it: we’re talking about hair removal. But, though it’s not fun, waxing is a big part of many of your clients’ routines – so it’s important to tackle it in the way that makes it as quick and simple as possible. There are plenty of ways to make hair removal easier – and less painful – so here are seven of the best…

1: Prep with a body scrub

Encourage clients to exfoliate once a week, and up to two days before a wax. This removes dead skin cells, and allows for a smoother wax.

2: Time it right

It’s best to avoid booking clients in for a wax before their period or during their cycle. This is because skin is more sensitive around this time of the month, and pain thresholds are lowered. If you feel comfortable, and it’s appropriate, to advise a client of this fact, we’re sure they’ll be grateful to you for letting them know.

3: Drink up

Remind clients to drink plenty of water before the day of their appointment. Being hydrated plumps the skin, which makes the hair easier to remove.

4: Let it grow

Make sure hair is ¼ of an inch or longer, to ensure there’s enough length for wax to stick to. Here’s a handy test: if you can grab hair with the tips of your fingers, you’re ready to wax.

5: Afternoon delight

Try to encourage appointments with your between 3pm and 5pm. This is when your clients’ pain thresholds are at their highest.

6: And… breathe

During your wax, remind your client to breathe! They should take deep, regular breaths, and exhale just as you remove each strip. It’s a handy way to help clients remain calm, and distract them from the painful moments of your hair removal session.

7: Resist temptation

We know it can be difficult to resist shaving as hair grows between waxing appointments, but encourage clients to stay strong. Shaving reverses the benefits of waxing, and will cause hair to grow back thicker and courser than before. Nobody needs that!

8: Skip the gym

It’s best to avoid exercise after waxing. Whether your client is a yoga bunny, spinning addict or religiously into running, let them know that wax day is rest day: friction from exercise can irritate skin and cause bumps.

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