5 awesome jobs: where could your fitness training take you?

We’re happy to tell you that there are all sorts of options ready for the taking. Once you’ve got PT training qualifications, the fitness world is your oyster. We’ve picked out five interesting job options to get you started…

1. Spa fitness coach

Fancy working in tranquil surrounds every day? Finding a role at a spa could be a great choice for you. Particularly because spas are no longer just for the rich – more and more people are turning to these havens of calm to detox and relax. Alongside beauty treatments, many spas offer classes run by fitness professionals – think yoga or massage therapy.

2. Fitness blogger

More and more people are searching for fitness advice online, so becoming a fitness blogger is becoming an popular career choice. It can also be a fun way to share your knowledge and passion with a wide audience. Reach a large enough following, and you may have the chance to work with leading fitness publications and brands.

3. Wellness coach

Spending time in the gym is just one way to boost your fitness – and that’s where wellness coaches come in. Whether you’re hired in-house at a gym, a corporate environment or as a freelancer, you’ll be educating people on the myriad ways in which they can stay fit, healthy and active.

4. Health club manager

Want to team business skills with your fitness know-how? This could be the perfect role for you. As well as sharing your exercise knowledge, you’ll work your way up through the ranks at a health club from assistant to manager – before you know it, you’ll be running the show! This job involves keeping everyone happy, from trainers to customers, as well as structuring class timetables, hiring trainers and taking care of day-to-day finances and business at the venue.

5. Fitness model

The fitness industry is built on aspiration. Customers are driven to be healthier and stronger by fitness models who show what’s possible for your body, so brands are often looking to pair with models to demonstrate the results of their products. Those qualified in personal training already have the knowledge needed to perfect the fitness look of their choice, and are likely to have the ongoing regime needed to maintain it.

Each of these careers begins with a course in personal training. For more on how to start your fitness career, check out our award-winning training courses

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