What’s life like as a skin care expert?

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Once you’re qualified, these are just a few of the work perks you can look forward to as a massage therapist…

1. Time to relax… every day

As a massage therapist, it’s a key part of your role to create a relaxing environment for clients. Depending on where you work, this might involve soothing music, atmospheric lighting, scented candles and fluffy towels. Either way, a peaceful space for clients also means a chilled-out workplace for you.

2. You’re making a difference

Some people see massage therapists to help them relax, while others find massage helps alleviate pain, reduce stress, improve circulation and more… Either way, as a therapist you have a direct impact on clients’ comfort and happiness.

3. The world’s your oyster

This profession is in demand across the globe – including luxurious holiday resorts, if you’re keen to travel. Take your pick from spas on tropical beaches or tucked away in mountain lodges – whatever climate you fancy, there’s likely to be demand for massages.

4. Your time is your own

If you’re a freelance therapist, you’ll be able to choose your working hours. This is perfect for those who’d like a flexible role to fit around family life, or a second job.

5. They’re happy to see you

People might not be excited about going to the doctor… but who doesn’t look forward to visiting their masseuse? Everyone loves a massage, so you can enjoy meeting clients who’re almost always happy to see you. That’s got to feel good.

6. The industry is growing

As health and wellbeing is valued more and more highly, employability in massage is growing. Now’s the perfect time to job-hunt and enter an industry that’s looking for fresh talent all the time.

7. You graduate with job-ready skills

Once you’ve completed your Massage Therapy diploma, you’ve got everything you need to walk straight into a job. So you can feel confident in finding a role you’ll love once you’ve celebrated graduation – winner!

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