Beauty 101: what’s hot stone massage all about?

For those new to this relaxing beauty technique, we’ve put together everything you need to know: what it achieves, how it works and top tips for enjoying a hot stone massage session!

How does hot stone massage help?  This technique uses temperature difference to soothe, detox the body and encourage lymph flow. Because heat relaxes muscles and tissues, therapists are able to use warmed stones to give a deep, effective massage. Stones are coated in oils to offer a smooth, soothing experience.

Who is best suited to hot stone massage?

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t enjoy the relaxation that comes with hot stone massage, but there are certain people who’d feel the benefits more than others.  Benefits are greatest for those with: - Muscle pain - Stress - Insomnia - Depression - Arthritis  - Back pain

What happens in a typical session?

  1. Your therapist will begin by coating warm stones in oil, and placing them on acupressure points across your body.
  2. The stones will then be used to work out the knots in your muscles – because of the stones’ relaxing warmth, you might not feel the intensity of the massage. 
  3. Sometimes, cold marble stones are used alongside the warmed ones for an invigorating sensation. 
  4. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself drifting off into a blissed-out, meditative state – it’s a seriously soothing massage!
  5. Remember to rehydrate afterwards – and bask in that post-massage glow!

How to make the most of your hot stone massage

  • Make sure you’re all set for a relaxing experience: arrive early, and avoid health meals or alcohol in the hours beforehand. Also, try and book your massage on a day when you won’t need to rush off afterwards – this will help you
  • Let your therapist know about any medical issues you have, so they can adjust the treatment to suit you. Don’t be shy – if the stones are too warm for you, let your therapist know. It’s much easier to relax when the temperature is just right for you. If you want to learn more about the benefits of beauty treatments such as hot stone massage, why not check out one of our beauty courses?

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