IPL vs waxing: the best of the beauty industry

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We compare the pros and cons of each hair-removal treatment, so you can pick which suits you…

IPL: the lowdown

  • How does it work? IPL uses a hand-held gadget which sends laser pulses into your skin. These target the hair follicles and breaks them down, which results in permanent hair reduction.
  • What’s to love about it? IPL is quick and painless, as well as long-lasting. It’s available for use on sensitive skin on the face and body – plus, there’s no recovery time afterwards, so you can head out of your appointment ready to go.
  • How long does it last? You can expect to be hair-free for weeks – plus, over time, less and less hair will grow back overall. You’ll see long-lasting results after around 12 sessions.
  • What are the downsides? You won’t see results straight away – this is a treatment for those who’re keen to invest for the long term. It’s also pretty pricey, though you’ll save money on razors and removal cream once the permanent effects of IPL have kicked in. It’s best to avoid the sun while you’re undergoing laser treatments like this, so think about starting yours in the autumn or winter.

Waxing: what you need to know

  • How does it work? Hot wax is applied to the skin, then removed swiftly using a strip of fabric. This rips out hair by the root, giving you a smooth, hairless finish.
  • What’s to love about it? It’s speedy and removes hair immediately – perfect before a big event or holiday. It’s great for use on the face or body, cheap and not as painful as you might think – in fact, in the hands of a pro, you’ll hardly feel a thing. It’s cheap, too, and can be done yourself at home.
  • How long does it last? You’ll be hair-free for up to three weeks. Plus: your hair will grow back finer with every wax.
  • What are the downsides? This is a short-term solution, so you’ll need to wax regularly to maintain hair-free skin. You’ll also need to wait until stubble returns in order to remove the hair, which can be frustrating. You’ll need to exfoliate in order to help fend off ingrown hairs, too.

Want to share your beauty knowledge with the world? One of our beauty courses could see you well on your way! What’s your hair removing weapon of choice?

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