What does your future as a personal trainer look like?

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So what might the future hold for fitness professionals? We take an expert’s look at how careers might unfold in the industry…

1. Psychological athletic coach

In the future, fitness may well be personalised not just in terms of your physical abilities, but also in terms of your emotional reactions, self-discipline and personality. As a psychological fitness coach, you’ll help clients to improve their outlook on life and, in doing so, up their performance in the gym.

2. Family personal trainer

As wellness and fitness becomes increasingly integral to our lives, many middle-class families may opt to hire a trainer on an on-going basis. Keeping the whole family fit and healthy will be of utmost importance – particularly to instill a positive attitude to wellness in kids, to avoid childhood obesity. What better way to do this than to make training a part of everyday family life?

3. AI healthcare

Thanks to tech advances, healthcare using AI (that’s ‘artificial intelligence’, for the uninitiated) is likely to become an integral part of the way healthcare professional interact with patients. Using body and voice recognition, trainers will be able to communicate with clients using augmented reality. This will be a great way to cut travel time, allowing clients to train with PTs of their choice from around the world.

4. Elderly wellness consultant

Thanks to an increased focus on healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle, adults are living longer than ever before. This opens up the market for more professionals to care for the elderly. The aging population will need help to maintain an effective exercise programme, as well as guidance on general health, hygiene and nutrition.

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