How Lifetime Training's Paediatric First Aid course helped Kady...

 Kady Finka wrote to Lifetime following her Paediatric First Aid course in July and here is her story...


“I have been working at Rainbow Preschool, Bridgwater for nearly two years and had attended paediatric first aid courses in the past but, if I’m honest, even after the courses, I have always been reluctant to put my training into practice. Needing to renew our training, all the staff from the preschool booked and attended an updated Paediatric First Aid course in July this year run by Lifetime Training and delivered by Heather Tatum. Being a Preschool practitioner, not only was the aim to update my certificate but I wanted to become more confident to apply the skills required to administer first aid for the children in my care. Heather, as trainer did a fantastic job. We are quite a lively staff team with lots of character but Heather was able to keep us motivated, on track and continuously learning throughout the two dates. The course was practical with some written parts which helped to break up the day and meant we weren’t sat around for long periods of time.

The written part was minimal but I felt it was useful as it recapped and embedded what we had learnt. A few days after attending the course, I was over at a friend’s house with other mums, enjoying the sunshine in the garden. As children do, they were also enjoying the garden and playing an energetic game of football. My mobile rang and whilst on the phone, two boys called over to me that their friend was pretending to be asleep. As I looked, I could see one of the parents were calling him to tell him to stop pretending as he was scaring the other children. The boys continued to shout and explained he had fallen and bumped his head. The parent then tried to lift the child and shake him. This was when my instinct kicked in and I recalled my first aid training. I immediately called to the parent to put him down and ran over to the child. I checked him over and suspecting a neck injury, I held his head in a straight and still position just as I had practiced on my course. Even though unconscious, I chatted to the child and instructed the others around me to get his mum and call an ambulance. The little boy was unconscious but still breathing. I spoke to the emergency services on the phone and waited with the boy until the ambulance arrived, holding his head still the whole time. As the paramedics arrived I gave them the information about what had happened and was asked to assist the boy onto a stretcher while stabilising his head. "Luckily the boy came around shortly after arriving at hospital. He had no neck or back injures but I was praised by the ambulance staff about the way I had responded and they reassured me that I had done exactly the right thing.

Later that day, I reflected on what had happened. I was (and still am) very proud of how confidently and promptly I dealt with the incident and I feel that this was 100% down to the course that I had attended with Lifetime Training. In previous circumstances I lacked confidence but this course has made me so much more confident to step in and deal with emergencies and confident that I would do the right thing. I cannot recommend this training highly enough. It has already proved invaluable in both my personal and professional life. Thank you Lifetime!”

 For more information email Heather Tatum: Heather.Tatum@lifetimetraining.

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