How the best personal trainers run their classes

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Ever fancied working as a personal trainer, and wondered how the best in the business make their gym classes so much fun?

The truth is, there are myriad ways in which a pro can take a group workout to the next level. We’ve broken down the key components of a brilliant gym class to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how it all happens… 

1. It’s all in the prep

Know your stuff long before you step into the studio. Knowing the timings of exercises, how they fit with the music, any ideas for variations on tricky exercises and anything else necessary for the class is crucial. Always be prepared for this to be the day when a fitness newbie walks in, unsure about whether gym classes are for them – you’ll need to be on top form to welcome them into the world of fitness!

2. And… smile!

Smile, and chances are your clients will smile back at you. Workouts are tough, so it’s always uplifting when the instructor keeps the mood bright and energy high throughout the class. Even if it’s been a long day, stay positive. You never know: your class might be the highlight of someone’s day.

3. Bring the beat in

Music is key to any class. It offers a beat to perform exercises to, and gets everyone in the mood to move. So make sure you know your playlist well, and can remember the order in which the tracks appear to match the exercises. Plus: download playlists in case WiFi is patchy, and always have a back-up playlist ready to go too.

4. Know the steps

You’ll need to know the choreography like the back of your hand, in order to share the correct steps with your class. Consider how to advance the steps for experienced gym goers, as well as ways to make moves easier or simpler for those with injuries or less experience. It’s also a good idea to complete the full workout yourself before running it through with your class. That way you’ll know where the most challenging parts lie, and so will know when to offer extra encouragement to everyone!

5. Talk the talk

Communicate clearly and positively from start to finish. Welcome clients to the class as they walk in, talk them through the workout before it begins, then explain technique and count out the steps as you progress through the class. Give everyone the cue for each move before it happens, to make sure the whole class moves in time.

6. Tips and technique

Remember: you’ll be at the front of the class, leading the way. Everyone will be looking to you for form and technique. So use the mirrors available in the studio, if there are any, and make sure you’re demonstrating the best and safest way to perform each exercise.

7. Congratulations all round

It’s no easy feat to throw yourself into a fitness class, so make sure you praise your class for taking part and getting stuck in. You should always be the last to leave the room, sticking around after the workout’s over to answer any questions. You never know: someone might be interested in talking to you about whether you offer private training, too!

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