Five winter skincare hacks

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Take a few key steps to protect your skin, and you’ll really feel – and see – the difference. Here are five great ways to kickstart your new winter skincare routine:

1: Get hands on

When it can seem like everything is conspiring to dry out your skin, hand cream is a real treat in winter. Opt for creams containing silicone: these offer a smooth, soothing finish without residual stickiness. 

2: Drink it in

In winter, you might fancy sipping a warming mug of tea or coffee instead of water, but try to keep your H20 intake up all year round. It’s amazing what an impact drinking water has on your skin, helping it to stay bright and plump, so try and keep it up.

3: Lips

As the weather cools, our lips can dry out and start to flake. So it can be a great move to keep rich moisturising ointment to hand to daub onto your lips as and when – twice a day should ward of the worst of the dryness.

4: Moisture

Give your skin the top-up it needs with lashings of rich moisturiser – each evening, opt for a rich, repairing cream, and a lighter, SPF cream for the day. To help your moisturiser soak in, clear away the dead top layer of skin by exfoliating regularly.

5: Do it yourself!

Did you know you can whip up a hydrating face mask using ingredients found in your kitchen? Honey, avocado, yoghurt, olive oil and bananas are all great for giving your complexion a moisture top-up. 

Is skincare your passion? Why not checkout our beauty courses to really hone your knowledge.

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