5 fitness trends to help your post-workout

While there’s nothing wrong with getting into a rhythm, it’s important to make sure you’re not also forming bad habits – especially once your workout is over.

That’s why we’re all about these fitness trends that help you protect your health once you’ve finished with fitness for the day. 

1. Be ready to refuel

Once the show’s over at the gym, make sure you’re all set with the right food and drink to replenish your energy reserves. It’s best to eat and drink within 20 or 30 minutes of completing your workout. Choose healthy snacks that include protein, a small amount of fat and complex carbs – think fruit, yoghurt, almonds or a turkey sandwich on wholewheat bread. And – tempting though it is – try not to binge! Going to the gym won’t balance out overeating. 

2. Change out of your sweaty gym clothes

Even if it’s just into another set of gym kit, change into clean clothes straight after your workout. Why? For a start, you’ll feel fresher immediately – and you’ll avoid that chill that comes with staying in wet clothes. This will help keep your muscles loose and warm. Plus, even if your workout wasn’t super-sweaty, worn clothing is a haven for bacteria. 

3. Keep moving…

We know the feeling: post workout, sometimes all you want to do is crash on the sofa and snooze in front of Netflix. But try to resist! Instead, try keeping up some light movement to keep your blood moving. This will speed up the recovery of your muscles, giving your body an extra boost for the next workout. This movement can be as simple as strolling around and doing some gentle stretches (possibly in front of Netflix…).  

4. …But take it easy

If you’re feeling pumped after a big weights sesh, it can be tempting to get on with some big heavy-lifting tasks around the house. However, it’s best to avoid this kind of exertion when you’ve already tired your muscles out. It’s much easier to injure worn-out muscles that are lacking nutrition and hydration after working hard at the gym.

Got fitness tips of your own? Check out our fitness courses to learn how you could help others.

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