What actually is beauty? We find out…

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So… what is beauty, anyway?

Facial surgeon Dr Stephen Marquardt put forward the idea of the ‘golden ratio’; the theory that all beautiful faces fit the same patterns and proportions. This ‘beautiful’ ratio is mirrored in the balanced, symmetrical flowers, seashells and even ancient buildings. Meanwhile, others say there’s beauty to be found in everything (we have to agree!). Either way, beauty’s a concept that’s always captivated us as humans.

Why is beauty important?

People have always taken pride in their personal appearance, in one way or another – and this isn’t just a human interest. Gorillas and monkeys spend long stretches of time grooming themselves and one another, too. But why do we all care so much about being attractive?

Well, according to studies, attractiveness has the power to:

  • Improve your social standing
  • Increase your likelihood of attracting a partner
  • Help you earn more money
  • Make us appear more competent 

…No wonder we’re all so keen to look good! Over the last century, we’ve been finding new and brilliant ways to beautify ourselves. Did you know…

  • Mascara as we know it today was invented by Maybelline in 1913.
  • The word ‘makeover’ was coined in 1909 by Elizabeth Arden, when she began to build her cosmetics empire.
  • Ever wondered how tanning became fashionable? Some say it all started when fashion icon Coco Chanel accidentally burned while on holiday in France. Fans spotted this, and a market for tanning oil was born.
  • Blush became all the rage in the 1950s when colour film arrived – suddenly, the big-screen stars had rosy cheeks, and so everyone else wanted them too.
  • Botox was launched in 2002, and the celebrity world couldn’t get enough of it. Also launching around this time were lip implants and skin peels – beauty was getting more scientific by the minute.

Who knows what the future holds for beauty? All we know is: we’re excited to find out…

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