Build the perfect workout plan for your client

As a personal trainer you’ve got a raft of responsibilities, but when the rubber meets the road, the foundation of what you do is building tailored workout plans for your clients. Far from a one-size fits all job, a good personal trainer understands that each client is different, with differing goals and a unique set of skills.

Naturally then, you need to build a workout plan for your client that caters to their needs, without ignoring their weaknesses. For trainers at any level, this can sometimes be a difficulty. Even having a client fill out an in-depth questionnaire or undergo an in-person evaluation is no guarantee that your client will be able to complete the workouts that you set for them.

The matter becomes even more confused when you’re not able to attend every session with your client, or are training remotely and relying on self-reporting.

 So, we’ve put together this essential guide with three ways you can build an amazing workout plan for your client.

  • Encourage active participation from your clients

With a basic plan laid out for your client, the smart way to improve things is to really communicate with them about what does and what doesn’t work for them. What you see with your own eyes is one thing, but the messages that their body sends to their brain is something else entirely. If a client isn’t responding to an exercise or workout throughout the entire first month, it doesn’t matter how vital you think it is for their fitness – find something else.

Treat your client as an individual and listen to their needs and wants and tailor the plan, week by week to fit their training. You can map out as many 12-week plans as you like, but the good personal trainer knows that by getting your client involved in shaping their training plan, you can achieve much more.

  • Develop a nutrition plan

Although much of personal training is focused on the physical side of fitness, there’s no doubting that recent years have seen a sharp shift towards nutritional awareness.

Every client’s needs are different in regards to nutrition, they might want to lose weight, put on lean muscle or reach a competition weight. As a modern personal trainer, it will increasingly become your job to help build nutrition plans for your client. Doing so not only helps your clients to achieve their goals faster, but helps you push the limits of their training – benefiting everyone involved. Purely focussing on the fitness is only one part of the equation, so don’t neglect the nutrition plan.

  • Develop a deep understanding of your client’s goals

 As a personal trainer, your job is to take a client from A to B, and then maybe on to C, D and E, if they want it. But before you rush ahead with what you think they need, really take the time to understand what their goals are. Many people approach fitness to get back to looking their best, whilst others do it simply so they can play with their kids without getting out of breath.

By taking the time to understand what your client wants, you can best tailor a plan for them. It might require a chat over a black coffee or maybe just a few emails, but really getting to the nub of what they want will pay huge dividends when it comes to building that perfect plan.

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