Is 2017 the Year you Make a Change and Join the Fitness Industry?

There’s a curious thing that happens at the start of the New Year – the world feels full of potential again. With 365 days ahead of us, we begin to wonder what we could do differently – what we could achieve – if we just made a change.

For those of us stuck in dead-end jobs, the daily grind quickly puts to bed those notions as the menial tasks of our employment keep us just busy enough. But what if you made a change?

In the fitness sector, there’s always room for motivated, bright and talented individuals to teach, train and develop fitness levels of people across the age and skill spectrums. If you’ve got a passion for fitness, it doesn’t matter whether you’re already employed, you can get into the industry this year.

But what are the advantages of taking up an apprenticeship or job within the fitness industry? Here’s just a few:

Doing something you love

There isn’t a person alive that wouldn’t leave their job to do something they love and get paid for it. If you’re passionate about your fitness, that’s exactly what working within the fitness industry can offer you.

Imagine waking up in the morning and actually looking forward to what you’re going to do that day. Not only working on your own fitness levels, but helping to transform the lives of those who come to you for help.

It’s an industry which can help people regain confidence, keep up with their kids or even compete at a professional level. Put simply, it’s a direct and rewarding profession that actively rewards and encourages enterprise.

Dramatically reduced stress

Studies have found that personal training is one of the least stressful jobs that one can occupy. If you’re in a job which finds you biting your nails and missing out on sleep, the prospect of taking up an apprenticeship or position within the fitness industry should be an extremely interesting one.

Learning to work for yourself

Some of the fastest growing sectors within the fitness industry are in personal training and nutrition – two areas which lend themselves very well to self-employment. With the correct training, you can enter the fitness industry and start working for yourself.

Working for yourself can be fantastically rewarding, letting you work at hours which suit you and progress far beyond what you might be able to do within the traditional structures of a business. Your earnings become limited only by your talent, time and ambition.

Of course, if working for yourself doesn’t sound like your speed, there are countless companies, organisations and charities working within the fitness sector which need dedicated and bright people like you.

The chance to specialise

Too often in the world of work we find ourselves doing jobs that we’re merely “good enough” at. We join a company and fill a gap, but if we consider our talents to be elsewhere, we rarely get a chance to experiment.

Within the fitness industry, there’s the potential to drill down into any specialisation you’re most interested with. Conditioning catch your eye? Nutrition a notion you can buy into? Therapy got you thinking? Whatever it is, a job in the fitness industry can facilitate.

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