Lifetime Training: Where it all began

Lifetime Training was founded in 1995 by Heather Frankham, who at the time was working with the Redwood Lodge Leisure Club to improve their group exercise programme and provide training for their staff. The lightbulb moment came when she was contracted to deliver training at all of the Whitbread Hotel Company’s UK Country Club Hotels. She knew she needed to recruit other people to make this happen, and that’s how Lifetime was born.

A growing team
Heather’s first recruited member of staff, Hannah, was also Lifetime’s first ever apprentice, and is still with us today! In the beginning we were just a handful of people, with the business growing steadily until 2002. This was when we won the Livingwell contract (part of the Hilton Hotel Group) who set a target of 200 REPs qualified instructors by the end of the year. Our apprenticeship programme grew quickly as more operators wanted to get their staff REPs qualified.

A growing business
We delivered on this promise, which was a key milestone for the business, and we’ve continued to grow since then, now employing over 900 life-changing people. We’ve expanded outside the active leisure sector and now deliver apprenticeships in hospitality, care, retail and management, and also provide paid-for fitness and beauty courses.

It’s in our DNA

Lifetime has evolved over the past 21 years, and we’ve had plenty of time to establish our core values and the behaviours that make up our life-changing people. We call it Lifetime DNA because it’s something that’s part of who we are, as a business and individuals. We’re Aspirational, Collaborative, Pioneering and Trusted, we deliver Excellence and are led by our Inspiring Leaders.

What the future holds
In June 2016 Silverfleet Capital became Lifetime’s new investors. Heather, who sat on our Board of Directors in a Non-Executive role, is now pursuing new ventures. We’re excited to work with Silverfleet to create the apprenticeships of the future, in light of the introduction of the apprenticeship reforms. This is an exciting new phase for Lifetime and we look forward to realising the potential it offers to our business, our clients and our team.


Take a look at our apprenticeship reforms page for more details on how Lifetime can support your training needs.

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