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Now that you have access to the Register of Approved Training Providers how do you make a decision on which apprenticeship training provider to use? Do you work with a local provider or a peer-approved business? Working with Lifetime Training gives you the best of both worlds. We’re both the largest apprenticeship training provider in the UK, with a number of awards and a vast array of advanced resources, and have at our disposal more than 500 local trainers ready and waiting to train and assess your team members.

Our team has spent the best part of the past two and a half decades honing our experience in designing and implementing employer-centred apprenticeship programmes. Our complete end-to-end solution encompasses the all-important pre-launch planning phase as well as recruitment, training and end point assessment.

Whether you’re a business owner or general manager, HR team or apprenticeship training manager, you can rest assured that the team at Lifetime will furnish you with everything you need to know about the levy. We will take our time to get to know your business, starting at the very beginning. We will review your business needs and training aspirations. We will review and refresh our understanding of existing training structures as appropriate and on a regular basis. We will build high quality, robust and integrated training programmes that work alongside any existing training and development programmes and activities.

For businesses transitioning from frameworks to standards we will offer advice and support that will enable us to develop a practical solution, wrapping in all necessary curriculum and delivery model changes. The team will also create training plans and apprenticeship guides to support team member, manager and head office buy-in.

Our blended approach to training, learning, personal and business achievement is second to none. We are committed to continuously investing in innovative learning technologies and deliver tailored, real-time reporting to ensure our employers and their teams are always up-to-speed on the success of their apprentice training.

Lifetime’s team can deliver training for existing team members as part of succession planning and upskilling programmes, as well as entry level recruits through our unique apprentice recruitment service saving thousands of pounds in advertising per recruit.

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