Brow busting beauties: the lowdown on highbrow eyebrows

Arguably our most important facial feature, apparently the average British woman now spends up to seven minutes a day perfecting her eyebrows. We’ve got the lowdown on the best treatments as well as top tips from our team of expert tutors at Lifetime Beauty.

Microblading is THE must have treatment for beautiful brows for the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Sarah Jessica Parker and Taylor Swift. Created using a blade dipped in a carefully chosen dye, hair line strikes are made to mimic each individual strand of your hair for a natural and semi-permanent finish. For newbies, be aware, although numbing cream is applied before the treatment it may be painful for some!

Top tip: make sure you look for a qualified therapist and do your research online using before and after pics before you book!

Threading remains a favourite for A-listers such as Emma Watson, Julia Roberts and Rihanna. The ancient Indian technique, which removes unwanted hair by twisting a cotton thread to create a precise shape, is now one of our go-to methods for getting our brows in tip-top shape.

Top tip: Threading is a great option for the more mature amongst us as there is no skin stretching around the delicate eye area.

For the DIY specialists there is everything from pencils to volumising gels, powders and even stencil kits. Expert DIY-er, Kate Middleton tops the list for the ‘best at home brows’.

Top tip: Never remove hairs from above your eyebrow line as this can ruin their natural shape.

Our expert team loves the Wunderbrow eyebrow gel. Great for fine or short brow hairs, this makeup marvel transforms the skinniest brows plumping, lengthening and thickening. Ever better, it lasts for three days!

Powders are another favourite, creating fullness and a bolder look when required. Check out Barry M’s easy to use applicator for perfect results every time.

Gels are great for ‘setting’ brows. Apparently Kim Kardashian is a fan, although her brows are more high maintenance than most. Working with legendary brow artist, Anastasia Soare, Kim has her brows waxed, trimmed, shaped with eye cream and foundation, filled with pencil and then gelled. If you want to be a Kardashian carbon copy consider Your Salon Store's Marvellous Brow palette for fabulous definition. 

Of course, you could always go au naturel like Cara Delevingne, who apparently never plucks, threads or waxes but where would be the fun in that!


Interested in finding out more about eyebrow treatments and shaping? Contact Lifetime Training to find out about our Level 2 and Level 3 Beauty Therapy diplomas.

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