Paige Ward Wins Learner of the Year!

Paige Ward won the award for Learner of the Year last night at the Hallmark Hotel Awards. Her Lifetime Regional Trainer, Laura, wrote a glowing testimonial, which allowed Hallmark select Paige as the overall winner for her Achievement as Team Leader.

Paige's Regional Trainer, Laura said:

''Paige began her programme in March and finished on time in November of 2016 on a Team Leader course. She went into a job at Hallmark in Bournemouth West Cliff as a trainee duty manager, and took on the NVQ as well. I believe this was her first proper full time position. She was unfortunate to have to miss some appointments in the middle of her NVQ due to illness, and yet still finished on time.''

'''The knowledge she gained, not just from the NVQ but also from her company and managers was extraordinary. Paige is now a very successful manager in Hallmark and is pleased she completed the NVQ. Her confidence has blossomed in the time I have seen her and she now presents herself as a very professional young lady. The quality of her research for every piece of work she was given was excellent and she went far above and beyond in some cases to answer the questions given to her. She is now working with her managers to work through the personal development points they have set for her, and she is one of those people you just know is going to have a great career! I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with her, and I am still amazed at the development I have seen in her, with her being trusted to run hotel shifts from only a few months into her job role. Her business knowledge is exceptional and she strives to learn and grow all the time''


Congratulations Paige, and really well done!

From all of us at Lifetime Training!

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