Top 6 beauty bloggers to follow on Snapchat

Fitness Influencers 

Get ready to fall in love with these Snapchat beauties. Each one of them knows just how to nail it when it comes to promoting themselves through this increasingly popular social media platform. Watch and learn…

1: Tamanna Roashan

LA-based Tamanna is a hairstylist and makeup artist who is a perfectionist when it comes to her craft. On her Snapchat feed, you’ll find all sorts of beauty transformations, as well as live tutorials on her website. She avidly followed the day she prepped not one, but three brides for their big day, back to back. Impressive stuff. Plus: she’s got an adorable cat called Cleo. Yet another reason to follow.


2: Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn’s bubbly personality shines through in her Snapchat stories. She’s heartwarmingly down to earth, sharing chipped nails and spots with her audience alongside knock-out beauty looks. She’s a great lady to follow if you’re looking for product recommendations – she’s always ready to share her latest great finds.


3: Deepica Mutyala

The creator of viral beauty tip (using red lipstick to cover up dark under-eye circles), Deepica is a beauty expert based in New York City. She’s one to watch if you want the insider’s view of exciting events – she recently shared a story from backstage at the Today Show. She’s always delighted when her followers share videos of themselves trying beauty tricks she’s taught them!


4: Maram Maquillage

Born in Russia (and attempting world domination via Snapchat), Maram is a beauty guru based in New York City. She’s known for sharing videos of her make-up unboxing sessions, as well as time spent explaining her favourite products and insights into how she preps for photo shoots. She also prides herself on often posting spontaneous videos of herself, unedited and unfiltered.


5: Amra Olevic

This serenely beautiful blogger Amra (or Amrezy as she’s known to her enormous fan base) favours an otherworldly style of beauty. Born in Montenegro, Amrezy is always quick to share her step-by-step makeup routines with her Snapchat followers. She’s packed with sassy comments and the occasional Snapchat rant (this is not a lady you want to mess with) and that’s one of the many things we love about her.


6: Ellarie

Blogger Ellarie calls Atlanta home, and apparently joined Snapchat reluctantly, mostly because her friends wanted her to. Now, she’s in love with the platform, and has gathered swathes of loyal followers. You’ll find her sharing a mix of personal insights, alongside creative makeup sneak-peeks. Also, you might spot her super-cute daughter, Zara, appearing in her stories too. Adorable!


Who are your favourite Snapchatters? Say hello on our social channels and share your must-watch bloggers with us.


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