4 signs it's time for a career change to personal training

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Suffering from Sunday blues, and dreading the working week ahead?


It could be time to switch things up. If you’ve ever daydreamed about having a job that’s different every day and involves getting to know plenty of different people, as well as staying active, this blog post is for you. We’re looking at five signs that now could be the time to make a change, and train as a personal trainer. 


1. You’re already daydreaming of your new job If you’ve been pining for an exciting new job for weeks, or even months, chances are those thoughts aren’t going to simply fade without you taking action. Take a close look at what you feel your current role is missing, and ask yourself: what sort of job would help me feel fulfilled?

2. You can’t help but complain to friends and family If every phonecall and dinner conversation turns into a rant about your job, it’s time to do something about it. Next time you feel tempted to vent, turn the conversation into a positive discussion about what role you could apply for next, and what kind of career your loved ones think would suit you.

3. You’re already thinking of a (very distant) retirement If you’re longing for your pension and still in your twenties, warning bells should be ringing. Don’t spend your professional life in countdown mode; instead, take that feeling and use it motivate your hunt for a job you’ll never want to give up!

4. You’re less productive at work You find you are constantly bored through the day, to the point where you feel tired. Facebook and Pinterest draw you away from your work every ten minutes, and you can’t muster any passion for what you’re doing. These are all signs that you need to be on the look-out for a new role you can be passionate about.

If you find that moving on from your current role is a must, don’t quit your job right away. We know it’s tempting, but if you invest in flexible training that works around your day job, you’ll be in a much stronger position to find a job you love.

Get in touch today to find out about Lifetime’s personal training courses; they’re designed to fit around your day job until you’re ready to make your career switch.

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