Five ways to beat the heat and protect your summer skin

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We all love to sunbathe, but your skin won’t thank you if you leave it unprotected in the summer heat! Sunshine can draw the moisture out of your hair, too, leaving it crisp and breakable. That’s why we’ve rounded up the tools and tips you need to enjoy the weather without worrying about your summer skin.


1. Take it easy

Our skin can become more oily in the summer months, and people can use strong skincare product to target it. While nobody wants a shiny complexion, it’s best to use a mild foaming cleanser to get rid of excess oil without completely stripping your skin of moisture. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, that’s when you know your cleanser is too aggressive. Tone it down  


2. Dial up the hydration

Your skin might be oilier than usual, but there’s no need to ditch your moisturiser. Quite the opposite, in fact - perspiring in the heat means we dehydrate quickly. Top up your water levels with a lightweight, water-based moisturiser that locks in hydration without feeling heavy.  


3. Find a spot in the shade

Taking time out in the shade during a sunny day will do the world of good for your skin. Try a break of 15-30 minutes under a beach umbrella or cafe to revitalise and protect your summer skin from drying out. While you’re there, why not tuck into berries, watermelon or another hydrating snack?  


4. Time to exfoliate

Adding a gentle exfoliator to your daily routine removes dead skin cells and frees up your complexion to absorb moisturiser more easily. Just what you need when the heat’s busy drying out your skin.  


5. Sun cream saves the day

Come rain or shine, wearing sun cream every day all year round will work wonders when it comes to protecting your skin from premature aging. If you’re keen to tan without the risk, there are plenty of tinted sun creams on the market that’ll give you a golden glow while keeping your skin protected.  


Just a little prep can make your summer safer for you and your skin, so you can hit the beach (or your garden) and enjoy the sun - stress-free! Click on beauty tips for more advice on the latest trends.

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