Does group personal training beat one-to-ones in the gym?

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Personal training is just that: personal! So, when it comes to deciding what you’ll offer to clients, it’s different for everyone, depending on your style and aims as a PT trainer. It may also depend on the demands of your client base. Some will favour training as a small group, while others may prefer to train with you on a one-to-one basis.

Let’s take a look at each PT style, so you can see the benefits of each and decide how you’d like to balance your schedule.


Training one-on-one

If you have clients who are new to the world of fitness, they may prefer to work with you on their own. Private training will also help you ensure that new clients are carefully guided on posture and technique, which will help them avoid injuries later on. Also, if clients are more reserved, working with them as an individual may be more appealing to them. Some people find it embarrassing or awkward to exercise in front of others, so one-to-one training should help to minimise this problem for them. Also, as investing in a personal trainer can be expensive, some clients may want your full attention through the session to feel they’re getting their money’s worth.

Plus, if you have clients who have injuries or specific needs while exercising, training with them privately could be the best option. The same goes for training those who have personal fitness targets they’d like to achieve - working in a group could slow their progress, and even demotivate them, if others in the group don’t share their goals.

It’s worth remembering that, while there are plenty of positives for personal training with one client at a time, this does limit the amount you can earn. By charging an hourly rate you’re only able to work a certain number of hours each week, so it can be difficult to increase your income over time without working around the clock. And, as a personal trainer, you’ll know that rest days are important too! That’s why we recommend you mix one-on-one training with group training: to give yourself time to recuperate.

Group training

Working with a number of clients at once is a great way to motivate your clients and bring extra energy to your sessions. Some people find it easier to enjoy exercise as part of a group - for support, and a little healthy competition! - so training clients in a small class-style workout could be a great option to offer.

In a group session, there are all sorts of options open to you when it comes to styles of training. Got a group of clients who love to dance? Guide them through a high-tempo Zumba-style class! Or perhaps you’re training people who enjoy cycling? Hop on those spin bikes for a session they’ll love!

Ultimately, it’s all about tailoring a mix of approaches so your clients are excited about training with you, and you’re earning a comfortable, sustainable income doing what you love. Which workouts do your clients love most? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!

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