Personal trainer insurance: why it’s worth getting clued up

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It’s second nature to protect your home or car with insurance. So, it makes sense, too, to cover your career. You’re working hard to earn your PT stripes - why risk all that effort by not protecting yourself at work?


It’s important to make sure you’re insured whether you are self-employed or work at a gym, you could be at risk without insurance. But don’t worry - there are simple steps you can take so you can breathe easy, knowing that you’re covered.


Public liability cover

Most gyms will check to make sure you have this before you can work for them. Essentially, it’s a safety net. If a client is injured while working out with you and sues you, you’re protected, and you can make a claim to cover damages.


Personal accident and loss of earnings cover

\While this isn’t considered essential, as public liability cover is, we think taking out this insurance too is a no-brainer. It’s here to protect you, if you became injured and couldn’t work. As a personal trainer, this could mean a massive drop in earnings while you recover - especially if you’re self-employed. This type of insurance allows you to claim a weekly compensation allowance, up to 52 weeks. For your health and peace of mind, we reckon that’s a brilliant thing to invest in.


Professional indemnity cover

This insurance has your back if a client sues you for giving them negligent advice. Though we’re sure you’d never do this intentionally, if a client believed you’d shown them how to lift weights incorrectly, for example, and this led to injuries, professional indemnity insurance would cover legal fees and any compensation paid out, too. It’s well worth covering yourself, to avoid taking a potentially large financial hit. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, so make sure you’re insured so slip-ups don’t turn into huge bills.


There are lots of ways to protect yourself at work as a personal trainer. So, make sure you’re able to put your all into your career, and pay that little bit extra each month into insurance. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but if you do, we bet you’ll be very glad you planned ahead! Got any more questions? Get in touch with the Lifetime team and we’ll do our best to guide you.



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