Time for a healthier career change to personal training?

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There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to personal training as a career. A key motivation for the switch can be that you’re tired of long days in an office, and find yourself craving a healthier lifestyle that’s all about movement.


And there’s never been a better time to shake up your routine. Thanks to recently published information, we now know that a sedentary lifestyle brings a whole range of health issues - even an increase of death. What better reason to get moving and switch up your career to boost your health?

Most people in desk-based jobs sit down for over nine hours every day - surely tricky to avoid, if you need to be working at your computer all day?


Let’s take a look at the stats:


• People with sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease as people with jobs that focus on standing

• As soon as you sit, calorie burn drops to one per minute

• Enzymes that help break down fat drop by 90%

• After two hours, your ‘good’ cholesterol drops by 20%


Things don’t look good. But don’t worry: we’ve picked some useful ways to cut your risks and get you up and about, whether you’re tempted by a career change right now or not.

1. Get a standing desk

Want to feel healthier and more productive, but love your desk-based job? Maybe you need to change your furniture, not your career. We recommend investing in a desk that can be easily switched between seated and standing mode so you have the option through the day. Many people find that they do their most productive work while standing, too!

2. Meetings on the move

Time to make meetings more lively! Grab your trainers and catch up with colleagues over a run in the park. It’s a great way to break down barriers and keep ideas flowing - who knows what you’ll come up with once those endorphins start flowing!

3. The 25/5 rule

Work for 25 minutes, then walk around and stretch for five. This cycle of regular breaks is great for your body, as well as being a useful way to improve productivity. When you’re focused for 25 minutes, knowing you’ll have a break to stroll around at the end, you’d be amazed how much you can achieve in that time.

4. Think about a career change

Not in love with your job, and longing to get moving? Why not look into a career as a personal trainer or fitness professional? With flexible courses, out there that let you train alongside your day job, a fresh new lifestyle is within your reach.

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