Four speedy hair tips you’ll love

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We know how it is. Sometimes your alarm doesn’t go off (or it does, and pressing snooze is far too tempting), and suddenly you’re in a mad dash to get to work. But, being the beauty boss you are, you still want to look great. Quite the dilemma… or is it? We’ve picked out four simple hair tips to go from bedhead to babe in a matter of moments, so you don’t need to feel guilty about getting that extra hour of beauty sleep. You’re welcome.


1. If in doubt, bun it.

When you’re stuck for an easy, professional look, go for a bun. One of the simplest up-dos out there, you can’t go wrong with this classic style. If you want to soften it a little, pull a few strands out to give a more laidback feel. Just be careful to keep the bun looking fun and relaxed, rather than sloppy. Get some bobby pins involved to give it keep it secure, yet artfully messy.  

2. Half and half

This pretty look can be everything from very laidback to super-formal, so take your pick and style accordingly. Simply tie the upper half of your hair in a ponytail, and let the lower section hang loose. Easy, right? If you choose (and have time!), use curling tongs to add more volume, or straighten for a sleek finish.  

3. Upgrade your ponytail

Like a ponytail, only better: try the inverted pony for a fresh, profesh take on your gym look. It looks great, and is much easier to achieve than it looks. Either use an inverting tool, or go without, although it’s a bit trickier: make a loose ponytail, then fold the end of the tail back on itself and down through the space between your head and the hairband.  

4. French perfection

The French twist is as simple to create as it is sophisticated - in fact, it’s a top choice with brides on their big day. It’s also a winner at work, especially if you have a strict dress code. One word of warning, though: it’s much easier to achieve with long hair. Simply gather your hair into a ponytail, without tying it. Twist the ponytail around and upwards then, holding the roll with one hand, pin it in place with bobby pins. Spray any loose ends with hairspray, and you’re done.  

Which will you try first? Share your favourite speedy hair tips with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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