Going from part time personal trainer to full time personal trainer

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Thinking about making the jump from part-time to full-time personal training? That’s great! To make sure you can, we’ve mapped out key considerations to help give you a step-by-step plan.


1. Time commitments

As with any career change, it can take a few years of hard work to transition. But if you’re keen to dive in and embrace change, becoming a PT could be the perfect move for you. We recommend telling your friends and family about your ambition to take on a new career - their support will be invaluable as you work towards your goal.

2. Finances

It’s smart to plan ahead for a potential change in your salary, and to get some savings together to help you out once you move to being a full-time personal trainer, but are still on the look-out for new clients to fill your schedule.  

3. Put in the groundwork

Invest in a well-respected PT training course, to study alongside your day job. Choose one that’s flexible and works around your life. Once you’re qualified, spend some time shadowing experienced personal trainers to gather more valuable insight and knowledge.  

4. Build your client base

Now’s the time to market yourself and start taking on clients around your 9-to-5. The fitness industry is well suited to part-timers, in that many potential clients will want to train in the early morning or in the evening - and you’ll be free then, too. Just make sure you find time to relax, too!

5. Jump into your new job

When you feel comfortable enough with your PT income to quit your day job and start to build up a bigger client base, it’s time to transition. If you need a little more time, why not go part-time at your day job and add to your client base more gradually that way? The most important thing is that you progress at a pace that’s right for you.  

To find out more about fitness and personal trainer training courses that work around your 9-to-5, get in touch with us today.

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