Head-to-toe beauty: top shoe brands for beauticians

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Shoe shopping? Yep, we love it too. But when it comes to choosing footwear for work, it’s a whole different ballgame. At the beauty salon, you’re on your feet all day and, after seven hours on the go and counting, you may start to hate even your favourite sandals if they’re rubbing your heels.

To help you out, we’ve lined up some of the comfiest, hard-wearing shoes popular with therapists everywhere. That way, next time you hit the shops for a new pair, you’ll know where to go to make sure you look good and feel ready to take on whatever the working day throws at you - without getting blisters in the process. Phew!  


Famed for their sensible style, Clarks are also widely recognised as being long-lasting and seriously comfortable. You can rely on a pair of these babies to support the arches of your feet as you walk around the salon all day, and the designs tend to be timeless and designed to look good after a number of years. While they may be a bigger investment upfront than other brands, Clarks are built to last.  


Blowfish flats are top choice among beauty therapists, and for good reason. They’re available in a range of fashion-forward designs and colours, and they’re affordable enough for you to have a collection on the go!  


Great for beating leg and back pain when you’ve got long stretches on your feet between tea breaks. Dansko tick all the boxes on the health front - they are tested extensively by an in-house team to make sure almost constant wear takes minimal toll on your feet, so you can get on with what you do best: all things beauty.


With the tagline, ‘the most comfortable shoes’, it’s Alegria’s mission to make your working day as easy as possible on your feet. They’re even designed ranges with nurses in mind - known, of course, for working long shifts with little rest. So, it’s no wonder these are a big hit with beauticians, who are also short of time spent sitting down.  


Stay with us! No, they aren’t the best-looking things you’ve ever seen, but they’re so comfy we had to investigate them further. It turns out that, alongside their notorious clogs, they’ve also created ranges of sandals, loafers and trainers that have all the comfort of Crocs, but look completely different. Stylish, even. Jackpot!  

Which are your favourites - have we missed a brand you and your feet can’t live without? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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