Tight for time? Discover how to nail top makeup looks on the move

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Addicted to makeup? We hear you. So, we reckon it’s safe to say you wouldn’t want to be caught without any of the key items in your beauty armoury; we’re talking mascara, concealer, lip balm, powder, primer, blusher, bronzer, eyebrow pencil. You know the basics. But how about when you’re on the go, with little bag space to carry much more than your wallet and phone? Say: festivals, nights out, flights where carry-on luggage is annoyingly small.


It’s time to put together a minimalist makeup kit for times like this, so you can feel prepared without being weighed down. To get started, here’s what you’ll need for the perfect makeup looks:


1. A compartmentalised make-up bag

A tidy make-up bag equals a tidy mind, as someone once said… or something like that, anyway. Search the shops for a small, multi-pocketed bag that will keep your brushes and bottles in order. Another benefits of a bag made up of sections is that it stops you from over-packing, so you’re only able to store essential items. 1. Smart brush choices Look out for double-ended brushes for an easy space-saving trick. These are available at a range of price points, so take your pick of those available from your favourite brands. Also, for emergencies, eyeshadow palettes usually come with mini brushes within the compact. While not as useful as full-size brushes, they’re certain a handy choice if you’re really strapped for space.


2. Powder or pressed foundation

If your bottle of liquid foundation is taking up precious space, it’s worth looking into pressed or powder foundations. These are impressively compact and long-lasting, with very little product wasted. An extra bonus of powder foundation is that some double as a setting powder, so that’s another product you can leave at home!


3. Stock up on samples

Makeup counters are often generous with samples, especially when you’ve bought a few items, so stock up when you get the chance. Also, it’s worth looking out for ‘travel-friendly’ versions of your favourite products. Once only found in airport shops, these are now widely available and well worth investing in. If you can’t find the product you need in a small size, empty miniature bottles and tubs are easy to buy online or on the high street too; perfect for decanting.


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