Nine signs a career in beauty is for you

girls applying make up

If these nine statements sound just like you, a career in beauty therapy could be just right for you…


If beauty’s on your mind 24/7, chances are a career in beauty therapy could be the perfect choice for you. To see just how hooked you are on all things glam, read on to see which of our nine telltale signs sound familiar…

1. Whenever you go to the movies, you’re always watching the makeup.

Forget the explosions and zombies – how did they get her foundation to glow like that?!


2. When a colleague ask if anyone’s got any mascara they can borrow, you wonder whether to admit you have three in your handbag.

I mean, you wouldn’t want to be caught without your lengthening mascara, to top up your natural-look lashes through the day. Or curling mascara, in case you go for after-work drinks. Or, you know, your waterproof mascara… in case you go swimming? You never know what the day might hold!


3. You always cleanse, tone and moisturise, even at 3.30am after a massive night out.

Your night-time beauty routine comes as naturally to you as breathing. Plus, those pores aren’t going to clean themselves. And face wipes are never going to cut it, in your book…


4. Everyone knows you’re the person to ask when it comes to beauty tips.

Your mum, your friends, your mum’s friends, your friends’ mums… Everyone knows you’re the go-to beauty guru. You’ve even had people ask you to do their wedding makeup… And you’re tempted.


5. You can never resist a new beauty box subscription.

You never know which new favourites you might discover!


6. You know the difference between BB, CC and DD creams.

Obviously. And you’ve tried and tested the latest releases of each.


7. If anyone asks what you’d like for your birthday, it’s a one-word answer: MAC.

If there’s a new collaboration coming out soon, that’s even better…


8. You’ve waited in line for a makeup launch.

And, on some occasions, considered camping outside the shop. Well, you can’t have them running out before you get to the front of the queue, can you?


9. Your Pinterest boards are a makeup paradise.

Whenever you need cheering up, you turn to your gorgeous beauty inspo boards and feel your mood brighten instantly.


If some – or all! – of our beauty-loving signs sounds just like you, why not consider a career in beauty therapy? It could be a great way to do what you love all day, every day.


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