2017 summer fitness trends you need to try

aqua aerobics


There’s always something fresh to try in the fitness world, and 2017 is filled with new (and retro!) ways to shape up.

Water workouts:

Love your high intensity training? That’s HIIT, for the fans out there… Well, this year it’s as popular as ever – but this time, try it in the pool. Virgin Active has launched Hydro – a tough, water-based circuits class that includes sprints, lengths and aqua jogging. Some things never change, though: you’ll still finish off with a plank, poolside.

We’re also loving AquAllure at the Crown Plaza: an exciting new spin class with underwater bikes. You’ll power out 800 calories per class. You’ve got to check out SwimSanity, too – it’s hard cardio, with the resistance of water to boost the burn.

Floating yoga

We’ll never grow tired of a mash-up workout, so we’re excited to see the dawn of floating yoga. It’s essentially the calming, toning moves you love, all performed on boards. In-Trinity sculpts your core as you balance on a slanted, elevated board and a series of yoga stretches, pilates and laid-back martial arts moves. 

Mad for metrics

We know you’re in love with your FitBit, so this trend is sure to get your pulse racing. Measuring your heart rate just got competitive, thanks to brand-new workouts from US club, Orangetheory Fitness. Here, you’ll be strapped to heart monitors as instructors help you find the heart rate ‘zone’ where your body burns fat most effectively.

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