How to build your fitness brand on Instagram

Whether you’re completely new to Instagram, or currently just post on your personal account, using the platform to promote your fitness business can seem a little daunting.

We’ve put together a hit list of four top tips to get you started with Instagram promotion:  

1: Optimise your account
Keep your brand account separate from your personal one. It’s important to remember that, to keep your marketing focused, it’s essential to remember that your content is about your audience, and not about you. So save the pictures of your puppy for your personal account! If your posts aren’t relevant to building your brand as a personal trainer, there’s no need to post them – cute as they might be!  

2: Stay recognisable
A consistent name and photo will help potential customers remember who you are as a fitness brand, and look out for you in their newsfeed. As the thumbnail of your profile pic will accompany all your interactions, it’s useful if you’re easy to spot.  

3: Avoid the hard sell
Social media is all about building a relationship with your current and future customers, without directly selling them your product. Remember: always avoid the pushy nature of old-fashioned adverts.  

4: Promote with creative, professional photos
Do your brand justice by taking time to carefully take and edit your photos. It’s best if not every photo is simply selling to your audience – Instagrammers are looking for a brand they enjoy seeing pictures from and reading about, and are more likely to be tempted by your products if – instead of always mentioning your latest offers – you share photos that are interesting, unique and packed with personality. Think before-and-after shots of your personal training clients, or pics of cool new fitness kit.  

5: Make the most of Instagram’s editing tools
Instagram is here to help you boost your profile, with its impressive range of in-app filters to polish your photos and make them extra-clickable. Pick your filter to suit your image’s mood and enhance its colour – just make sure you’re consistent with your look, so your images are clearly part of the same collection.  

If you're interested in a career imparting your fitness knowledge on others, why not sign up to become a personal trainer. We have a wide range of fitness courses to suit a variety of levels.  

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