8 signs you should be a personal trainer



Ever wondered whether you should be a personal trainer? Take a look at these to see if they sound familiar…


1 – You like people.

Although a keen interest in sports or fitness is key in this industry, at its core is a passion for building a solid relationships with clients.


2 – You can manage your own time

The usual 9-5 grind has never really been for you. You prefer to work more on your own terms. This means you will have to be quite organised, but you’ll also get to call the shots every day. Nice.


3 – You feel comfortable in gym clothes

Being a PT means saying goodbye to a shirt and tie. Your new workwear will be trackies and hoodies! Say hello to comfort all day long.


4 – You want to help people

Watching people progress and grow is the best part of a personal training career. If you get a kick out of helping others, it could be the perfect choice for you.


5 – You have patience

Not everyone will be able to master complex exercises straight off the bat. People will take time, encouragement and reassurance. But the rewards will be worth the work.


6 - You’re a good listener

For many people, their PT sessions are a chance for a good chinwag. It important to be able to listen and show interest in people’s lives.


7 – You don’t take things personally

Pushing people to their limits means getting great results. It can also mean people getting mad at you when you aren’t telling them they can give up or eat all the pizza they want.


8 – You want to do it!

People who are happy at work will always be great at what they do.  


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