Setting up a home-based beauty business

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So you’re getting stuck into your beauty training, and it’s all going brilliantly. Great work! Now’s a good time to start planning ahead, and thinking about how your beauty business will look like once you graduate.

Here, we discuss the key points to consider when setting up a beauty salon in your own home.

1: Take a look at your free space

It’s handy to have a room you can dedicate entirely to your beauty treatments. The alternative is using a foldaway treatment bed you can set up in your living space. It’s up to you to decide which suits you best, and how you’d like to work.

Does your treatment room have a separate entrance, or will your clients need to walk through your front door and hallway? This is important to consider to ensure you’re always presenting yourself professionally. For example, if there may be days when you don’t have time to tidy your house before a client visits, it’s worth setting up a side door that goes straight to your treatment space.

2: Consider your treatment menu

What treatments are you most passionate about offering? It’s worth taking time to choose a menu that you think will sell well in your area (take a look at what your competitors are featuring at their salons) and that you think you’ll enjoy sharing with clients.

It’s also important to take a look at the prices your competitors are charging, and to decide whether you’d like to offer prices per treatment, or cost for your time instead. When starting up, it also could be a smart move to offer introductory prices to start building your client base.

3: Invest in equipment and products

While the up-front costs might be large, the investment should pay off in the long run. Consider what the best items you can afford are for the treatments you’d like to offer, and how much space you need to use and store them. You might want to consider looking for second-hand machines and equipment, to cut costs.

4: Think about self-promotion

As you’ll soon be self-employed and running your own business (hurray!), it’s up to you to manage all aspects of your salon, including advertising. No need to worry, though – there’s plenty of effective self-promotion that you can do for free. Set up social media accounts, such as Twitter and Instagram, and start sharing information about your brand and following others who are running similar businesses in your area. Why not ask friends and family to follow you to help you get started?

Got any questions on topics we haven’t covered? Say hello on social, and we’ll give you a helping hand.


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