What our apprentices have to say...

Chris Barnes is one of our many apprentices who has worked hard and got himself up the career ladder.

He is currently working as a Team Player at the Wacky Warehouse, Old Farmhouse Hungry Horse in Scunthorpe and studied his NVQ Level 2 in Team Leading with us at Lifetime Training!

Before he started his NVQ Level 2 he previously did an NVQ in Customer Service. He then wanted to progress in his career at the Old Farmhouse by doing the Team Leader course.

We asked Chris a few questions about his apprenticeship with Lifetime Training…


Lifetime: Why did you choose the apprenticeship route over others?

Chris: I’m not the studying type of person in terms of doing exams. Doing an apprenticeship is more practical, involving observations while I do my job and recordings of myself describing what I do in my job.

The training I received has been informative, useful and I have gained the skills and knowledge needed to help me further my career. My trainer Jerome helped me complete the course at the last hurdle when my former trainer Nick left Lifetime Training. My manager Lee has been very supportive too, and my Lifetime Trainer has regularly updated him how well I have been doing.


Lifetime: What is life like as an apprentice?

Chris: The day can consist of having a handover from the previous shift, preparing for the shift ahead, and interacting with guests and children. Sometimes my trainer comes in to observe me whilst i work. This information goes into my portfolio and is put towards completing the course.


Lifetime: What advice would you give someone thinking about an apprenticeship?


Chris: My advice would be to go for it. Apprenticeships are very practical and give you the knowledge and skills to go further in your career.


Lifetime: What has surprised you most?

Chris: I’m surprised at myself. I didn’t achieve much at school. This is the first time in my working life I have achieved a nationally recognised qualification.


Lifetime: What’s next for you/what are your future ambitions? Training? Job/Role? Responsibility?

Chris: Now I have achieved the Team Leader course, the ambition is to progress in my job to be a Team Leader and continue to learn to go on and study NVQ Level 3 in Hospitality, Supervision, and Leadership.


If this sounds right up your street, find out which apprenticeship vacancies are available in your area!

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