Top 10 money-saving beauty tips

make up in mirror

These beauty tips are here to help when times are tight. Just goes to show: you can still look pretty, even if your bank balance doesn’t…

 1. Make your own exfoliator 

Smooth your skin without breaking the bank, thanks to this handy tip. Mix honey and brown sugar into a paste, and voilà: a super-sweet, effective and affordable exfoliator.


  1. Plump your lips, naturally

Cinnamon is the active ingredient in plenty of expensive lip plumpers. So cut out the middleman (and the big price tag!) and pick up a bottle of cinnamon oil from your local health-foods store. It offers the same bee-stung effect for just a couple of pounds.


  1. Switch your shampoo

Apple-cider vinegar gives your hair a cleansing deep-clean, and leaves your locks with great shine. Plus, it’s just over a pound from the supermarket – total bargain!


  1. Smooth your skin

As if olive oil wasn’t working hard enough in the kitchen, now you can add it to your beauty cabinet too. It works brilliantly as a moisturiser – just put a few drops on a cotton ball and dap any dried-out areas of skin, avoiding breakout zones. Then steam your face over a bowl of water to help it soak in and do its thing. Magic!


  1. Reinvent your lipstick

Bored of your lip colours, but can’t afford to hit the shops? No problem. Simply take a couple of old lippies, cut off the stubs and put them in a dish in the microwave. Once melted, pour into a tin and rub onto your lips like lipbalm. It’s the perfect way to give old colours a new lease of life.


  1. Recycle and restock

Brands like MAC, Kiehl’s and Lush will trade your old makeup and skincare containers for brand-new, free products. It’s well worth collecting your old bottles and compacts to cash in on this one!


  1. Check out blogger sales

Keep an eye on your favourite beauty bloggers’ social accounts and latest blog posts to see if they’re selling their old makeup (often unused, or barely touched!). They’re often looking to get rid of makeup they’ve been sent or don’t want anymore – at a steep discount, too! Grab the bargains while you can…


  1. Do the maths

It’s worth checking if the smaller versions of your favourite products are better value than the full-size containers. Spending a little time calculating cost per ounce can save you some easy cash.


  1. Use paintbrushes

Opt for paintbrushes instead of makeup brushes. At a fraction of the price, they’re available in just as broad a range of sizes and textures… and give your makeup bag an arty edge!


  1. Check for discount codes

You’ll find that YouTubers will often list discount codes in the description box of their haul videos. So it’s well worth seeing if you could save money, just for tuning into your favourite channels!


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