The Changing Face of Apprenticeships By Beth Hargest

If you’re thinking about joining our Life Changing People here at Lifetime Training then you might be interested in hearing about one of the biggest things that’s effecting our industry right now – the apprenticeship reforms.

Reforms and apprenticeship funding will change in May 2017 and will see a step change in how apprenticeships, or work-based-learning, is both funded and delivered.

The government’s plan is that these reforms will support its aim of delivering 3 million apprenticeship starts by summer 2020. That’s to say that they are planning to DOUBLE the number of apprenticeships delivered and that’s why we need great people like you.

Because employers understand what skills their business needs most, they have been put in the ‘driving seat’ and have led the charge. They have been working together in small Trailblazer groups, designing new apprenticeship standards that will develop suitable skills, knowledge and behaviour in apprentices. Each new standard comes with its own assessment plan, and will support a move to end-point assessment. Apprentices will no longer be assessed at the end of their apprenticeship, but throughout their programme.

With regards to funding, the Chancellor mandated that apprenticeships will be funded through a levy from April 2017. This is a payroll tax on all employers, with a pay bill of more than £3 million, to fund new apprenticeships. And, rather than fully-funded apprenticeships, smaller employers will be asked to contribute 10% towards the agreed training cost of an apprenticeship. The government will co-invest the remaining 90%.

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