Dimensions Apprentice Support Worker Conor Evans


Conor was the first Apprentice Support Worker with Dimensions. Six months into his post, we spoke to Conor about his experience and how things are going.

Conor, why did you seek an apprenticeship?

I wanted to enhance my knowledge in a Health & Social Care setting. It also means I get more support for things that I'd struggle with, which can help with the pressure and stresses that may come with this job, as I knew I was going to be supported and am.

How did you find the application process and what was involved?

As it was my first time having a DBS check done, I didn't realise it would take that amount of time, but other than that, I felt the process insightful, especially during my shadow shifts. My interview didn't make me feel pressured at all, and the feeling of meeting the people you'd be working with is brilliant.

What was it like starting, and how was your induction?

When I started I was a tad nervous especially on my first sleep-in or first time lone working, but you realise that everyone is there to help you and are happy to answer questions, even the people we support, which calmed my nerves quickly and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know the people we support.

What's the support been like?

I've been supported from both my colleagues and my manager, as well as the people we support, which really helps. I've had help from colleagues on annual leave if it was needed, as well as from my manager during out of hours’ time.

How have things progressed for you?

Things have progressed well. I'm getting on with my apprenticeship work quite well, which is also enjoyable as it teaches you a lot. Things have progressed with the people we support well also, I’ve got to know them and the things they like /don't like, as well as progressing myself via the apprenticeship and the job role.

Are there any particular highlights for you?

Highlights of the job would be working with the people we support and the things you can get up to during a day. Every day is different in this job and it keeps things fresh - to wake up in the morning and not know what you’re gonna get, but knowing it'll be good.

Any thoughts for the future?

I have plans to stay at Dimensions for the foreseeable future, constantly improving myself, meeting new people and helping them out. I definitely plan on staying on after my apprenticeship.

What would you say to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

I'd say to definitely go for it, especially if you're nervous going into unknown territory in terms of jobs. It may be less pay but at the end of it you also come out with a qualification, as long as you knuckle down.

Any other comments; what's worked and what's not worked?

So far, everything has actually been really good during my time at Dimensions, and I'm not forced to say that! My only quarrel had to be the time it took to join, but that couldn't even be helped.

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