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Unfortunately, even using plenty of sunscreen can’t completely protect you from the damaging effects of sun exposure. After time spent soaking up rays, you might notice your skin feels tighter and has developed a scattering of brown spots. But never fear: we’ve rounded up a range of ways to combat skincare problems that can come hand in hand with tanning.

1. Microdermabrasion

There are many reasons why microdermabrasion makes a great addition to your skincare regime: it can offer anti-aging benefits, and generally lighten and brighten your skin. It’s also great for combatting problems caused by sun damage, such as skin pigmentation and fine lines. What’s more, you’re likely to see results after just one session. How does it work? This process clears away the top layer of dead skin to leave you with a fresh, clear complexion. Some beauty salons will combine the treatment with a rich moisturiser to replenish your skin after the treatment.

2. Dynamic resurfacing

These impressive facials are just the ticket for helping to correct any uneven skin tone brought on by a tanning session. They’ll bring a youthful brightness to your complexion. How does it work? Enzymes are the active ingredient in this treatment, working hard to exfoliate the damaged upper layers of skin. This reveals the glowing new skin beneath, leaving you feeling vibrant and fresh-faced.


COMCIT (that’s cryo oxygen micro-channelling collagen induction therapy, if you’re wondering!) is a widely celebrated skincare technique for bringing sun-baked complexions back from the brink. Unlike any other treatment, COMCIT uses oxygen to boost the skin back to health. How does it work? Using a micro-channelling roller, this treatment create hundreds of minute channels in the skin. This allows the oxygen-based ingredients to work deep into your complexion for amazing results. This promotes new collagen growth, which firms your skin.

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