7 haircare hacks for your workout

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But there’s no need to stress. We’ve put together a checklist of ways to keep your hair pinned back and protected, so you can work on your fitness without worrying about your locks.

1. Headband

Love getting stuck into cardio, but hate how sweaty it makes your hair? A quick and easy solution is to sweep hair back from your face with a headband. This will soak up most of your sweat as you exercise, catching it before it reaches your hairline. Bonus: it also keeps stray hairs that escape your ponytail from dangling in your eye line mid-sprint.

2. Hydrate your hair

If you’ve worked up a sweat and don’t have time to shampoo and condition post-workout, your hair will thank you for spritzing it with a hydrating formula. The salt in your sweat can be very drying, so balancing this out with a moisture-rich spray is essential.

3. Ditch the products

When you’re donning your trainers ready for a fitness sesh, don’t bother with hair products. Any creams or serums you use will mix with sweat on your scalp, leading to grease which weighs your hair down.

4. Condition before you swim

Heading to the pool? We recommend coating your hair in leave-in conditioner beforehand. This prevents your hair soaking up chlorine, which can lead to split ends and fragile locks. For added protection, tuck your hair into a swimming cap too.

5. Cold blow-dry

Want to remove sweat from your hair quickly, but don’t have time to hit the showers? Turn your hair dryer to cold to blast the sweat away. What’s more, this chilled air is handy for taming static and smoothing frizz.

6. Braid away

Wound up by your ponytail slipping out every five minutes while you’re trying to focus on your fitness? Try a French braid: this look is both easy and functional, keeping your hair looking cool and out of your eyes.

7. Dry shampoo

Prep for your workout by spraying your roots with dry shampoo. It’s a great way to soak up the sweat as it appears, and leaving you feeling fresher post-workout.

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