How to master beauty e-newsletters

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We’re here to tell you why you need to starting writing and sending these out, right now… When you discover how handy they are, newsletters will be part of your beauty business repertoire before you know it.

1. It’s a great way to build relationships

Quick, cheap and easy: there are many reasons why e-newsletters are a handy tool. For them to be at their most effective, ensure they aren’t heavy on the sales front. Keep the tone friendly and the format clear. Include free tips and tricks for your readers – this will give them a reason to open your newsletters in the future.

2. Know your stats

Did you know that most people only read one in four newsletters they receive? This means it’s important to make sure you keep up regular mail-outs to improve your chances of reaching customers. Be careful not to resort to spamming, though – it’s the quickest way to get your future newsletters deleted!

3. It’s working harder than you think

Sometimes, sending out a newsletter can feel like a thankless task. However, they are slowly but surely helping you to build a rapport with your clients. Send them out regularly to keep your name at the front of people’s minds. If you’re going away for a few weeks and won’t be able to keep to your schedule, write newsletters in advance to send off at the usual intervals.

4. Make them an offer

Who doesn’t love to get something for free? To compel people to open and read your newsletters, it’s a good idea to include a voucher, offer or freebie. This will help build a positive association between you and your clients, and make them more likely to think of you next time they fancy treating themselves.

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