10 weird and wonderful fitness fixes for 2017

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From hula hooping to skateboarding pilates, here’s a rundown of the wildest and weirdest fitness fads doing the rounds this year. Which ones will you get on board with?

1. Crossfit

It’s massive. There’s even a world Crossfit championship that’s one of the toughest things known to man and woman. Insanely competitive and completely addictive, this is for hardcore fitness junkies only.

2. Hot yoga

Yoga – sounds chilled, right? Well not hot yoga, which is one of the most intense workouts you can ever hope to do. It’s an excellent way to exercise, find focus and recover your zen, even when it’s happening in a sweltering room specifically designed to roast you.

3. Twerking

Sounds like a weird way to get fit, but twerking is physically demanding and it takes discipline and skill to master. Hence, the twerking class – the latest offering from progressive dance studios and gyms, perfect for toning your quads, obliques, glutes and more.

4. Pole dancing

This is a huge fitness craze owing to the creativity, skill and discipline required, not to mention strength and flexibility. An incredible full-body workout that’s now available all over the UK.

5. Animal flow

Apparently, animal flow “combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging work emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement”. Put simply, you do most of your work on all fours, like an animal. Sure.

6. Zumba

Zumba was a hugely successful dance craze a while back and since then other fads have risen up. But it’s still popular as a high-intensity, dance-aerobics classes, and so deserves a place on this list.

7. Barefoot running (with thin soles)

You might not fancy doing this on pavements and gravelly roads, but barefoot running is supposed to protect joints – on the basis that our ancestors did it for thousands of years before trainers came along.

8. Skateboarding pilates

Really!? Really. Invented by French celebrity trainer, Raphael Doub, this crazy new workout is proving a hit with models and famous folk. The moves mimic the classic lunges, squats and abdominals workouts from a regular pilates class… But with skateboards.

9. Kangoo

Nothing to do with marsupials, this crazy class involves strapping giant springs to you feet and bouncing around really high for an hour. Banging tunes help. Anyone who’s easily embarrassed need not apply. It actually burns twice as many calories as a regular workout, which explains its popularity.

10. Hula hoops

This childhood game has morphed into a full-blown fitness fad. It’s an incredible aerobic dance workout, great for abdominal and core workouts, and a whole heap of fun. And Beyoncé does it. End of.

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