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So you’re in love with all things beauty, and you’ve got just about every beauty product out there? You’ve come to the right place. But how d’you feel when it comes to getting the most from your products by perfecting your layering? If you’re a little unsure, no fear: we’re here to guide you through the process.

1: Chill

Take your time. We know there’s not always the luxury of loads of prep time but, whenever possible, it’s best to put aside a few extra minutes to let each product sink in. So pop on a playlist, get settled in front of the mirror and layer at leisure.

2: Apply lightest first, heaviest last

Start with serums, as these are mostly easily absorbed by your skin. They penetrate deeper than other products, allowing them to nourish and moisturise your skin beneath your makeup. Leave your serum on for five or ten minutes before moving onto the next step – that’s just enough time to polish off your morning coffee.

3: Lock in the goodness

Next, apply your day cream, gel or lotion, according to the level of hydration your skin needs. Vary your choice of product to suit how sensitive, oily or dry your skin tends to be – there are plenty of great ranges out there that cater to every complexion.

4: Opt for oils

Generally, oils are able to penetrate creams but not the other way around. So, once your day moisturiser has soaked in, warm a little oil on your fingertips and dab gently onto your dry areas. At night, opt for a retinol-packed formula – this is a great way to ease the damage of the day as you sleep.

5: Top it off with SPF

Yep – even if it’s grey and gloomy outside. UV rays are present every day, so don’t be caught without your sunscreen. These great creams offer SPF coverage, protecting against the sun’s damage without clogging your pores: magic.

Now you’re ready for makeup! Though it might take a little longer to complete every step, this extra attention will have your skin looking even better in no time. For more beauty tips, keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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