Unmissable personal trainer habits you should know

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What makes the difference between being a great personal trainer and an amazing one? Ripped abs? A dazzling smile? Curly locks? Get to the truth with our unmissable guide to becoming the best…

Make the job your own

Once you’ve done your training and know your stuff, your clients will look to you as a source of knowledge, inspiration and encouragement. The best personal trainers draw confidence from this and use it to earn respect from clients and colleagues alike.

Get a group thing going on

Some people find making friends easy, some don’t, but the best personal trainers will develop a knack for helping clients bond as a group. Fostering this kind of supportive, friendly atmosphere is key to a successful fitness journey and keeping clients coming back.

Mingle, mingle, mingle

Remembering the little things can make clients feel special, so take the time to ask about their lives. It’s such an important habit to get into. Plus: it can’t hurt to always greet your clients with a cheery smile.

Make people feel good

The best personal trainers make every client feel special and included. If you’re working one-on-one, help them to get motivated. If you’re working with a group, make sure everyone gets attention and encouragement. Supporting people and seeing them improve is the best reward.

Be there for them

Having a bit of banter with clients and getting to know them is great, but even better is letting them know you’re there for them if they need advice. The most successful personal trainers bring their professional skills to bear whenever they can – to the best of their ability. And if you don’t know, say you’ll find out!

Get the tunes going

The right music can be a game-changer for tired clients, lifting their mood and helping to keep a rhythm during training. It can help clients run further, cycle longer and train harder… And all you need to do is pick a playlist.

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