6 fitness trends taking over the industry

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Reboot your fitness regime and say goodbye to tired old routines with the latest fitness trends – they’re guaranteed to put the spring back in your step. Are you ready for this?

Everyday fitness

This fitness trend is rooted in the idea that if you strengthen the muscles you use every day, you’ll be fit for life and less likely to injure yourself just getting about. It’s often called ‘functional fitness’ and is a great way to elevate your workout in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Strong is the new skinny

All around the world, women are waking up to the fact that strength training and lifting weights is great to feeling and looking toned and healthy. Just looking at hashtags like #fitnotthin and #girlgains confirms that this is a hot trend to watch.

Water babies welcome

It seems like nothing new, but the latest fitness trends in swim training maximises its value as a balanced, full-body workout. There are more and more low-impact, high-intensity water-based classes on offer than ever before. Plus long-distance and sprint swims are on the rise.

All-round fitness

This fitness trend is about understanding how to develop the best blend of exercise to keep your body in top shape, injury-free and functioning well. It spans pre and post-workout regimes, like sports massage, and is set to become the norm before long.

Mindfulness for the gym

It’s a movement that’s already taking over the holistic health world and now mindfulness practice is coming to the gym. Where the focus is usually on sweating out your stress, the mindfulness fitness trend is all about calming your mind.

Dynamic dance

Dance-based classes like Zumba are massively popular, and now the focus is set to evolve into a more athletic style. The rising popularity of gymnastic-based classes proves that people want a mix of strength, balance and mobility.

Get closer to the latest fitness trends with our online courses and start your journey to a successful fitness career.

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