Gift of the gab: how to connect with your salon clients

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Let’s face it: sometimes starting conversations can be tricky. In theory, everything is a potential topic to chat about… but where to start? We’ve devised a hit list of fool-proof ways to build a connection with your salon clients, so you’ll never be lost for words.

1: Make it about them

People love to talk about themselves. In fact, the person you’re chatting to is likely to find you interesting even if all you do is ask questions for the entire conversation. Yep, really! So embrace your inquisitive side, and ask them more about the people and places they mention. This is likely to lead to more interesting topics, and help you avoid clichés like: ‘are you up to much today?’

2: Take notes

After your session, jot down a few key things you spoke about in your first conversation with a salon client. Doing this might feel a little strange, but it’s a great way to jump back into topics that interest them next time they visit you. They’ll appreciate you remembering what’s going on in their life.

3: Leave questions open

It’s easier to get conversations moving when you ask questions that can’t simply be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead, choose questions that prompt an explanation or an opinion, and you’ll be nattering away together in no time.

4: Learn to listen

You’ll pick up on the best threads of conversation if you listen carefully to your client. Try not to start thinking of the next question while they’re still talking – soak in what they’re saying, wait for them to finish then consider your answer. This’ll help to keep the conversation authentic and thoughtful.

5: Don’t stress

Sometimes, despite your efforts, you just won’t click with your client. Don’t worry about it – as long as your client feels comfortable at your salon and happy with the treatment they receive, you’re building great groundwork for a positive relationship. Another (non-verbal) way to build rapport is to mirror body language and speech patterns. Only try this if you can be subtle though, as it’ll be disconcerting for your client if you’re too obvious!

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