Meet Shift Supervisor, Elina Rosnova

Elina has worked at The Nugget for two and a half years. She started as a Team Member, progressed to Team Coach; and later became Shift Supervisor. She has been in the supervisor role for 6 Months now!

She completed her Level 2 Team Leading apprenticeship which is her first qualification in the UK. Elina had previous studied Hospitality in Latvia and has mainly worked in hotels.

Elina said:

"My GM encouraged me to do it [the apprenticeship] and pushed me to do the Team Leader course specifically, as it would help towards my progression to Team Coach. I was worried it would be too difficult, but I enjoyed doing it with my Lifetime Regional Trainer's support.

Since I started the course, I have been promoted to Shift Supervisor and have taken on more responsibilities. Completing my English Functional Skill was a big achievement for me as English isn’t my first language. The course has given me more confidence and since completion, I have put forward a project about educating staff on wine and presented this to my RBM. This received his approval and will be used to train the staff. 

I am proud of my achievements and promotions, and although it was difficult to manage my time around the course, work and completing it on time; I’m glad I have done it and it has really helped me in my role.

My General Manager is supporting me to do the next course and he is really keen to progress me to Area Manager and a General Manager one day, and I hope the next course will help me with this."

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